Wuxi R.B. Precision Bearing Co., Ltd

Wuxi R.B. Precision Bearing Co., Ltd was found in 1966 and was acquired by American RBI International Group in 2003. Wuxi R.B. Precision Bearing has 50 years of experience in the manufacture of deep ball bearing. Our products have size range of I.D. ring ≥ φ1.5mm and OD ≤ φ100mm, and are used in applications such as electric tools, agri-machinery, and military.

“Service first” is the direct principle of Wuxi R.B Precision Bearing. We have auto production lines for mass production, and have single machine units for demands with low volume and rich varieties. Our quality has passed IATF16949 and we are managed under ERP system to ensure the quick and accurate delivery.

In 2015, RB International Group set its strategy to provide turnkey solutions to global industry, and then fully united its capabilities in bearing manufacturing, casting, sensor-manufacturing, precision-machining and global logistic, to build up a strong team with its personnel and equipment resources. In this way, we proudly provide our customers with a highly effective and convenient service from product design to delivery.

As a member of RB International Group, RB Precision Bearing contributes its strength in design and manufacture of precision bearing, to provide supporting business to castings, precision parts and pressure sensors.